44% of Americans are anti-feminist. Is this actually true or just a reflection of a hijacked word? We’re polarized as a country. Red or Blue? Wall or No Wall? Healthcare or no healthcare. BUT… equality for women? 44% of us are against that?  YES! 

It may seem shocking, but not really. The word feminist has been long hijacked such that even people who believe in the tenents of feminism, won’t admit to being one.

Propaganda campaigns have made the moniker Feminist synonymous with man hating by shrill ugly bitches. (seriously)

In truth, all it means is “someone who believes in the economic, political, and social equality between the sexes”. If that was clearly understood would 44% of Americans still be anti-feminists? I don’t think so. Hell, 51% of our population is women. Sometimes women are the worst anti-feminists. Can you say Phyllis Schlafly

A more appropriate questions would have been….Are you a feminist or a sexist. (although in today’s world it frightens me slightly that the results would simply be the same. )

Are Americans anti-feminist? I think there’s a well as deep as the ocean to explore on that topic. 

Know the world you operate in. Work like a shrill ugly bitch to change it.


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