You hear about the wage gap, but just how much is your family being robbed?

Why is the Senate holding a bill that was passed by the House in March that could help?

What can you do?

Quick Takeaways

  • Women (and their families) are losing big money.
  • At the current rate of speed it will take women 40 more years to be compensated fairly.
  • Asians are paid more than white women.
  • Latina women suffer the most from the wage gap.

Interesting Factoids

Over a span of 40 years…

  • An Asian woman will earn $360,400 less than a man doing the same job
  • A white woman will earn $406k less
  • A black woman will lose $946,720
  • A Native American woman loses $966,720
  • A Latina woman loses $1,135,440

What the Paycheck Fairness Act Does

Prohibits using salary history. Why does that matter anyway? If a woman’s been underpaid at her last job, it just follows throughout her career. This act would stop that.

Prohibits retaliation for telling your co-workers your salary. Transparency is critical.

Requires employers to justify pay disparities.

Elevates discrimination cases to the same level of scrutiny as gender, race, and ethnicity

Collects data and designs training that helps both companies and those suffering from unequal pay.

What You Can Do

Call your senators and demand a vote be taken on the Paycheck Fairness Act. 202 224 3121 (main phone for ALL U.S. Senators) This act was passed by the Democratic House in March. Our Senate is not even seeing fit to take a vote on it.

Encourage your senators to push for a floor vote. If yours doesn’t vote affirmatively, vote them out.

Generally speaking, a Vote for a Democrat, is a vote for women’s equality legislation. Voting for a woman oddly does not always guarantee the same. (see: white women & the patriarchy – or – 2nd place is ok with me syndrome)

Make sure your own house is clean (meaning ensure your own unrecognized bias isn’t affecting employee pay)


This affects your household dollars (if you live with a woman) , and your moms and your sisters and your female friends. Plus it just ain’t right. Your calls, protests, and votes matter. Please don’t pass this by and think it doesn’t pertain to you. This should matter to everyone.

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