Fantastic article below (once again) by The Atlantic. If you really want to understand what’s going on with feminist bashing, and how it’s used as a gateway to other forms of hate (eg: white nationalism) this lays it out.

Three main points to get you interested?

  1. Hate groups use anti-feminist ideas to recruit. Why? It’s socially acceptable. A little naughty but everyone does it. Say a woman is dumb, or too emotional, or a gold digger and people snicker. It’s OK in society. People rarely get called out on it. Most times women even just let it go. (Let’s change that NOW!) It’s not OK to speak of a Person of Color in the same way you’d talk about a woman. It’s the last real bastion of socially acceptable bigotry. Do you throw a ball like a girl? Go make me a sandwich! So woman bashing is a nice place to find those who are willing to take hate a next step…..
  2. These boys are hurt that women won’t sleep with them. (NOTE: most of us aren’t real turned on alpha men demanding sandwiches) Their online woman hating communities “start as Why won’t girls sleep with me?—an appeal to a wounded sense of entitlement—becomes Why can’t women be controlled?
  3. Anti-feminists don’t consider feminism as a push for equality. They think we just want to control the men. Conspiracy theory much?

There have been (as of this date) 115 mass shootings in America since 1982. 111 of them were by men. That’s a statistic that cannot be ignored. The article below helps us begin to understand it.

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