We get it. Not All Men.

Not all women, not all white people, not all black people, not all latinas or french fries, or dogs, or tables.
So now that we have that straight, humans….the good ones….please stop being so defensive and drop the Not All Men defense. It’s not helpful.

1 out of every 6 women in the United States has been raped or has experienced an attempted rape. Those numbers are simply unacceptable.

Find more SHOCKING stats here.

The numbers prove that it’s certainly not all men, but it is a lot of them. Let’s get that number way up and then let’s talk again about #NotAllMen

Men are raped too. This is true. 1 out of every 33 rape victims are men. It is horrible no matter the gender.

We should work together to improve the world rather than getting hung up with defensive take downs of women who are truly under assault in 2019.

“Men can get involved in women’s issues by showing support and doing their own research, rather than questioning and demanding evidence, and speaking separately about their own problems rather than over a woman’s story.”

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