Raising Feminist Children is hard. Tough society out there. We can change the world through our children, but we have to start early. Children as young as 3 can discern cultural and societal gender bias. Children aren’t born sexists (or racists). They learn it.

We’ve given our children a tough world to grow up in. Social media and the internet expose them to thoughts we don’t want them to be thinking. There’s always a “friend”  out there who’s just as batshit racist or sexist as you want to be. It’s easy to find support for backwards ideas in the echo chamber that the Internet has become. Let’s let the voices of truth and integrity and equality rule. Be firm in what your family stands for. 

Start by reading and implementing early. Here’s how to help them “unlearn” what the world is going to teach them. Parents (and their “village”) are the strongest pathway to be a better world. 

Click here to read 6 tips on Today’s Parent website. 

I’ll throw in a 7th step to raising feminist children…..The Disney Film Sleeping Beauty is the worst. Don’t let your children watch it. Woman falls into deep sleep and can only be woken by a man’s kiss? That she clearly didn’t consent to? Here’s a great article about the Sexism is Disney cartoon movies through the years if you want to really blow your mind on what we were “fed” as children.

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