I’m not in total agreement with the opinion piece linked below, but she does have a point about the word Feminism carrying some stink on it. I say, we wash off the stink and let it roll. It’s about equality and standing with our sisters. Call it what you want, there’s still a hell of a lot of progress to be made, everywhere. Challenge your thoughts, by reading hers, by reading mine, by reading everyone’s.

4 CounterPoints to The Writer’s Theories

“I heard my own friends say things to the effect of, “Science isn’t really objective, anyway. Who cares what science says?”

(feminist handbook thinks maybe you should get new sane friends)

What if American feminists prioritized solving the major problems facing women and girls in the world today, and after that, addressed truly minor concerns like mansplaining and microaggression? 

“(feminist handbook says – because they are all interrelated and it’s possible to work on them all at the same time. There’s a bunch of us you know. You be You. We’re all at different points along the path. Let’s view that as a strength. )

There will always be cases of sexism and rape, just as there will always be cases of murder, violence, and prejudice, so long as humans are humans. Anyone who wants to improve society knows that you’re fighting to bring those instances as close to zero as possible. But you’ll burn yourself out if you convince yourself it’s possible to actually reach zero. That isn’t a realistic goal. At what point, then, does the label of “feminist” become unnecessary? When has feminism, as a movement, done its job?

(feminist handbook says, well it’s not while 1 out of 6 of us are sexually assaulted and there’s not an Equal Rights Amendment ratified to the constitution.)

“…….every culture will reach a point, after feminism has done its core, transforming work, where the movement becomes redundant, unnecessary, and unhelpful. I wonder if the United States is approaching that time now, or if we’ve already reached it. The number of women I know who say “Yes, I believe in the equality of the sexes, but no, I’m not a feminist” has me wondering if we indeed have crossed that threshold.”

(feminist handbook says, NO – it doesn’t mean the work is done. It means there’s been a hell of a propaganda barrelled into the word and people don’t really understand it)

Read more – post your points to my points or find something else to question. From me, from the original article, or anything else. Feminist Handbook strives to show all the sides and thoughts and theories, and let you settle in where you feel best. As long as the road leads to equality we can get there on a bunch of different paths.

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