This one is gonna get you.Do you know that many companies in Japan have a requirement for high heels for their female workers? YUP – they even set the height. The heels must be between 1.9 and 2.75 inches.

The #KuToo Movement in Japan wants to change that. The word for shoe in Japan is kutsu. Pain in Japanese is kutsuu and then of course, our very own MeToo movement. Thus, the KuToo movement. 

Think this kind of sexist dress code sounds super outdated? British Columbia and the Philippines just outlawed a similar high heel law in 2017. In 2015 the Cannes Film Festival had their own requirement for high heels at their award show. 

This isn’t even their only transgression of controlling women’s appearances at work.  How do you feel about contact lenses? Many companies across industries have been telling their Japanese workers that glasses are not allowed. Theory being, that glasses don’t appeal to customers. However, this rule is only for the ladyfolk. Men in glasses seem to be A-OK. 

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But it’s not just Japan. The UK still offers a “Rear of the Year” award. Read more here.