Kirsten Gillibrand is a feminist friend with conviction, and power. When she recently stepped down from the presidential primary race what we lost was the woman who would always mention the ladies. It was her gig.

The TV show 60 Minutes describes Gillibrand as “the political face of the #MeToo movement”. She has led the fight in congress to protect women who face sexual harassment while in the armed forces.

She never waivers in her support of women. She’s taken a lot of flack about her role in Al Franken’s resignation from the senate. As she replied to that criticism resoundingly……

“Al Franken faced eight credible allegations of sexual harassment. 34 other Senators called for his resignation, but now I seem to stand alone.

I don’t mind. We will not beat Trump if we don’t have courage and clarity on this. Others may regret standing with women. I never will.”

AND – she also said in hindsight, Congress should have asked Bill Clinton for his resignation. Not exactly the moderate viewpoint in a Democratic Party that still has great love for both Bill & Hillary.

Gillibrand sees women’s issues in a clear and present manner. She stands up and she fights. Even Trump likes to pick on her which means you know she’s good.

She’s dropped out of the 2020 Presidential Race where her slogan was “Will Brave Win?”. She’s out for now, but I sleep better at night knowing she’s in the Senate. May she live long and prosper. has a great article about her and what she means to feminists. Highly suggest giving it a read, and remembering her name. We haven’t seen the last of Kirstin Gillibrand. Thank Goodness.

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Photo Credit: “Women’s March 2019”, © 2019 Phil RoederFlickr | CC-BY | via Wylio