What if a woman centric music festival wasn’t just about the music? That’s what a new festival named Yola Dia is doing, and the ramifications may be deeper than you’ve given much thought to.

In the past female based music festivals were about the artists. Think Lillith Fair.

Yola Dia highlights not just female performers but also women restaurateurs, bartenders, and merch actually built for a woman’s body. And they take it one step further – all female security staff. There’s fundraising auctions and ticket proceed donations. How about an 89 year old activist giving a speech in the middle of the day? How about corporate sponsorship from a company whose profits actually benefit women. Re-imagining the Music Festival and what it has been versus what it can be is exciting.

Their first year was 2019, and they sold out in Los Angeles. Girl Power, step right up.

You can keep up with where they go from here at their website.

Vice wrote a great story about it. Read all about the vibe, the stats, and the challenges at the link below.

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