Can chivalry and feminism co-exist? Chivalry is a term that developed over 1000 years ago. Way back then it was a code of honor taken by knights. The gist of it was for the knight to claim their devotion to God and honorable ways. The ladies got involved because it was seen as honorable to take care of ladies back then. Remember women and children first? It’s where the whole concept of a knight in shining armour coming to save the fair maiden comes from. They were the #notallmen of our time. 

Over time the word chivalry has developed into a way of describing nice things men do for ladies. Such as a man opening a door for a lady or when he lets her have an umbrella.

It’s also a term that gets bashed around. Some radical feminists amongst us take umbrage at chivalry. Theory being, “I can open the door myself thank you very much”. Some men feel rebuffed or unsure. Is chivalry good? Is chivalry bad? What does equality and feminism mean anyway? Lots of confusion out there in the world.

Here’s my 2 cents

Of course I can open my own door, but it’s just a little nicety when my husband does it for me. It’s a nice gesture. I do nice gestures for him without insulting his masculinity. Does going to the grocery store mean I am denying him his rights to hunt down the food? NO, it just means I’m going to the grocery store today and it’s nice to keep the family running smoothly. When he gives me the umbrella, or the coat, it’s just a nice way to say, I’m looking out for you. What on earth is wrong with that? 

Chivalry in today’s terms means (or should mean) doing nice things for other humans. Sometimes it’s the door, and sometimes it’s a sandwich. Being considerate and thoughtful is a good thing, but it shouldn’t be exploited. Maybe it’s time for the word chivalry to evolve into the phrase “good old fashioned manners”. I think the world could use a few more of those from everyone.

Man or woman, if you get to the door first, hold it open because in today’s world, ladies are knights too. 

Chivalry and Feminism. I’ll take more of that from everyone please.

Glad to discuss. What do you think?

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BUT, I’d still prefer equal rights. Go here to learn more about America’s shame, no constitutional equality for women.