Meet a hot new designer from Korea. His name is Yoon Choon Ho (The Brand is YCH) and his showing at London Fashion Week had some feminist teeth. Nice to be included. Thanks Yoon Choon Ho.

His collection showcases feminism and how it has been “accepted and expressed differently across nations, throughout eras and ultimately reflected in fashion”

Inspired by Annie Oakley, the designer says, “embracing one’s femininity should not mean that they are powerless”. So true. Sounds like duh, but it’s sometimes been hard to do in a patriarchal environment.

Click through below for a longer article about the show and pics from the collection.

And in the meantime, snaps up to Yoon Choon Ho for jumping in feet first, especially at a time where the topic of feminism is a hot one in Korea. Click here to learn more. #NotAllMen

ALSO – here’s another great article about how fashion and feminism and history weave together.

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