The Wing is a kick ass women’s club and work space. A place that is built for the needs of women. Women who are involved in their communities and the world. And they are cool.

There are currently 5 locations in New York City. There are also Wing locations in London, Chicago, Boston, Georgetown, West Hollywood, and San Francisco. Toronto and Seattle will open in 2020.

It’s where the cool feminists hang out.
The spaces look like if Starbucks and Real Simple got married. It’s a place to go and hang and meet people and build your community. There’s adorable babysitting facilities and pumping rooms. You can’t be a woman without being political, so voter registration drives and regular speakers help members become better informed.
There are events on topics like writing a Pre-Nup or hearing a talk from Hillary Clinton. Every room is instagrammable and beautiful. A space created by women, for women. The kind of place that speaks to our souls. It understands us. And the real gift, is that the spirit of the place is to help each other out.

That’s a message we all need to hear on a daily basis. We’ve been taught to compete. Working together? We would be unstoppable.

You may be saying, but what about the men?

The Wing is an all inclusive environment, and has most recently opened up membership to men. There was a lawsuit by a seriel suer, but The Wing states it was always the plan but to make no mistake, their focus is female.
A similar company called The Riveter (get it, like Rosie?) has always included men in their membership ranks. Riveter CEO Amy Nelson said, “I don’t think the future is female, I think the future is fluid . Gender is becoming an outdated idea”

How about that? I certainly see her point, but also fully support female centric places. It’s easy to forget you’re living in a man’s world when you’re living in it.

Highly suggest following The Wing on social media. Their ista is the.wing. It’s eye candy for your beautiful space soul. Their posts are smart and female focused. VERY refreshing.

PS: Memberships start at $185 per month if you’re curious and they have over 10,000 members.

Check out their website here.

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