Personally, I’m not religious but I realize how much the tenants of the Bible and faith affect the world we live in, so you can’t just completely write it off. 

The Bible is often used as a defense of keeping women in a subjugated role. 

The entire creation story is one that shows women being the downfall of man. (think maybe a bitter man wrote it?) 

Women cannot be priests in the Catholic or ministers in some other Protestant Religions or even Rabbis in Orthodox Judaism. Heck in Orthodox Judaism they cannot even sit together during services. 

Women’s reproductive freedom often seems to come under the auspices of religion control. Birth control? Abortion? Pre-marital sex? All regulated by religions of the world. 

In Islam, women who are on their period aren’t allowed to even touch a Koran. OK people. Icky lady blood huh?

At the MAKERS conference last February, Jennifer Aniston asked Gloria Steinem what was the biggest challenge to feminism today. 

She named 3 challenges – Anti-Feminists, Income InEquality, and Religion. 

Steinem continued, “What we don’t talk about enough is religion. I think that spirituality is one thing. But religion is just politics in the sky. I think we really have to talk about it. Because it gains power from silence.”

Fun Fact: There is a religion steeped in equality and respect. It’s called The Bahá’í Faith . Damn shame more people don’t belong to that one. 

Discuss! Also – click here for an excerpted sermon from a Feminist Church. It’s a compelling read no matter your religious proclivity.