Stripping and Twerking. Feminist Endeavors? 

Let’s explore the thought. 

On one hand, it’s about women using what they have to pay for what they need. My body, my choice can easily sum it up. If men can use their strength to overpower us, should we use our god given bootys? 

The other hand is how many women are being exploited? Choosing this lifestyle rather than being forced into it either through lack of opportunity or some form of abuse or trafficking? We don’t know, but the answer is for sure some.

Feminist thought runs the gambit on this topic and I don’t expect to solve it here today in this piece.

I will say J-Lo keeps coming up in the topic though.

Hustlers, the movie, brings up some questions worth pondering. . I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie overall. J-Lo was of course a force to be reckoned with, but I think at times the writing was a tad lackluster. 

The value isn’t from the 2 hours you see the movie, it’s about what you will think about after and discuss after.

Continue the thoughts with a great movie review from Glamour Magazine. You can find it here.

Ironically (or maybe not) this topic came up again after the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Many a tweet was tweeted with outrage about J-Lo  and Shakira’s sexy performance. Personally, as a proud feminist I view their performances as empowering and full of tweaky  cultural messaging.  I believe J-Lo to be tough, and talented, and fearless. That’s a crapload more empowering than a turtleneck. 

So maybe it’s fine when J-Lo does it, because it was HER decision. So, as with most things it comes down to consent. 

Please comment on this piece and give us great thoughts to ponder.

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