Anti-feminism in India has gone off the rails. (here too honestly, but this story is about India)

In the Hindu religion there’s a sacred ritual called a Pind Daan. It is done to save the souls of the dead. In India, where 80% of the population is Hindu, a mens rights organization just held this sacred religious ritual in over 50 locations to rid the world of the scourge of feminism.

These anti-feminists want to use this puja to signify the death of the #MeToo movement and get rid of all equality driven feminist bad spirits.

The leader of the organization who led the event said…..
“The puja is symbolic for us. It will help get rid of this cancer (feminism); to us, the #MeToo movement is rakshasa and needs to be eradicated. Feminism is why families are breaking at the drop of a hat in India. It is destroying the cohesion that holds families together,” he explained.

Sounds like some bass ackwards misogyny to me. 

Just so you know, the 3 most mainstream issues that Indian feminists are fighting against are child marriage, dowry related violence/suicide, and sex selective abortion. So those are the horrible, toxic things want ladies to stop. 

SO….know that the ladies of India are fighting the good fight too.

I also encourage you to google around a bit for India Feminist. You’ll learn about things like dowry deaths, and burning brides, acid throwing, and female genital mutilation. The struggle is strong across an ever shrinking globe. We all speak the same language so communication is easier than in other places, so let’s keep an eye on each other and help where we can.


Here’s an article from the India Times that delves into more detail.

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What’s happening in South Korea? You can find out here. They are having a backlash of their own. 

Photo by Prashanth Pinha on Unsplash