So, a decline of marriage & birth rates is sweeping the developed world. This is a problem. When the younger population isn’t big enough to support the older generation economically, a country begins to decline. (which is where a robust immigration policy comes in, but I digress…..) 

Why aren’t people marrying and why are they having fewer kids?  It’s too darned hard and expensive. Many of our young people are straddled with student loans and underpaying jobs. The working world, as a whole, isn’t kind to new moms. Most households can’t afford a single family income. Paid family leave is seldom available. Child care is expensive and shabby. Public schools are in shambles. College is outrageously priced. I mean, who doesn’t want to sign up for all that? 

Seems like the answer is clear. Fix all that stuff above, and maybe having children won’t seem like the overwhelming, unappreciative job it can be. #ElectWomen

But as one silly example of a real world proposal to fix this problem, listen to what was proposed in Japan.

It didn’t pass, but it’s funny, sad, and glaring in it’s misguided assumptions. 

In a nutshell, the population of Japan is aging, marriage and birth rates are going down. (just like here) 

So this Japanese Einstein Politician proposed a “Pretty Tax” on men. 

Here’s the story:

In a nutshell, if a man is eye candy (determined by a jury of randomly selected women) , he would be taxed at a higher rate than one who is not. This assumes that then the less attractive man would be left with more money, than the handsome one, which would up his game with ladies. Money can equalize looks and the world will fix itself. Ladies, step right up and take your pick. Right? Right? WRONG

Or maybe we look at what American politicians are doing to improve our population stagnancy?

Oh that’s right, they are just restricting women’s rights. Doesn’t that make me feel romantic? 

The missing puzzle piece is what gets women excited about getting married and having babies. (and so very clear if you are a woman) 

How about we teach men how to share in the mental and physical labor of running a house with children?

Maybe we could remove some of the undue burdens from women who are magical creatures and grow other humans inside their bellies. Cherish them. Support them. Unload the dishwasher for them. Maybe a life partner is just that, a partner. 

Maybe the developed world could focus on strong wage growth and a living wage.  How about we change some gun laws so it’s a safe world to bring up a child? Maybe we could focus on climate change so that we could be assured our children have a space place to even grow up in? Paid parental leave, flexible working hours, improved prenatal care, affordable quality day care, affordable housing, and better public schools would also sweeten the pot. 

The rest will take care of itself. Love conquers all. 

Read here about the Pretty Tax on women.