Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter gave him a feminist lesson on Twitter recently. Clarkson is a british writer,journalist, and car fan. You know him. He’s best known for his show Top Gear and is also a columnist. 

Apparently he’s a pretty grumpy backwards guy who is down on Greta Thunberg. This makes me instantly suspect of you as a person. Why the anger towards a 16 year old trying to save the planet?

I’ll tell you why. She doesn’t fit the mold. She doesn’t back down. The patriarchy and old fashioned kind of guys like Jeremy Clarkson (and the United States Republican Party) are intimidated by strong women/girls. We’ve seen it time and time again.  

He got into a Twitter spat with daughter over the subject, and in my opinion got owned.


It’s Ironic

Why? Because Jeremy Clarkson’s daughter is a strong feisty feminist. IRONY ALERT:  he raised her that way. It’s often said, Don’t support equality because it’s for your wife, mother, or daughter…Support equality for women because it’s good for humanity. That sounds great and all, and on a philosophical level I completely agree, but the ability to change minds and open hearts is best executed by loved ones. Today’s daughters put patriarchal fathers in a pickle. Hopefully we will see them begin to come around. 

The Press Reader of New Zealand and author Verity Johnson have a great article about when fathers raise feisty feminist daughters and then have to (get to) deal with those beautiful consequences.

If you want to change the world, it’s sometimes best to start with those we love. Fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, friends, here we come!

Read the article. It’s good.

PS: If you like Jeremy (or maybe if you don’t…) he has a new show still in production for Amazon Prime UK called Bought a Farm. He learns and stuggles to run a 1000 acre farm for a year. If that doesn’t interest you, car buffs can always check out Top Gear, now in it’s 25th season! 

If you want to now read what strong feminist fathers say instead, Click here for some of Obama’s Best Feminist Quotes. I really really miss him.