Poison was much more popular way back in the 1600’s before divorce became legal. A woman named, Giulia Tofana of Italy – a notorious criminal of the time,dissolved over 600 marriages via poison. Women are consistently left out of the history books.  If not, you’d have heard of Tofana more than Jack the Ripper. 

Tofana manufactured poison disguised as makeup. Back in the day, there was no such thing as divorce and women had absolutely no rights. When married off to a mean rascal they didn’t have a lot of options.

Thus the popularity of poisoning.

Not condoning this of course, but it’s an interesting story of once again a woman we never heard of.In the end, Tofana was executed when a wife/customer developed cold feet and confessed to her husband.  It was apparently a family business because Tofana’s mom and daughter were also executed for poisoning.

Read the full story at the link below. It’s incredibly well written, so I don’t even want to tell more of it.  Let’s let author Genevieve Carlton do it.

But trust me, you want to know the name Giulia Tofana. Her make-up solution of Aqua Tofana was truly a silent killer for years. And, a full length feature film wouldn’t be bad either. Do you hear me Hollywood?

Interesting Factoid: 100 years after her death, when famed composer Mozart was on his deathbed, he claimed he had been poisoned by the famous Aqua Tofana makeup poison.

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Read about how marriage and family is hard today.  BUT NO POISONING PLEASE. A simple divorce will do.