Feminist Bashing and Harassment – Why Are Feminists Constantly Being Harassed?

I’d like to discuss Feminist Bashing and Harassment.  Because it takes guts and a sense of self to claim yourself as a feminist these days. To do it on the internet is just plain asking for a troll beating. The propaganda campaign against feminism can be considered complete when you hear otherwise respectable people saying, “I’m not a feminist, but I do believe in equality.” Might I point out it’s the same thing?  It simply reveals that the “I’m not a feminist” person” has such a poor image of feminists that they don’t want to claim being one, even if…..they are!

Well played misogynists, well played.

It’s like Mitch McConnell level evil genius. After all, maybe the fellas won’t like me. I’ll seem pushy and aggressive. People will say I’m ugly. They’ll say we are whiny man haters. Feminists are bashed, harassed and dragged through the mud. 

Women are angry that 1 out of 6 of us are victims of an attempted rape in our lifetimes. We’d like the opportunity to control our own bodies and close the wage gap. Affordable quality day care and better public schools wouldn’t piss us off either. We’d like paid maternity leave like most of the rest of the world. Our bodies could be seat belt tested and medically researched ending the saga of “We just tested it on men”. The list goes on and on, but what a bunch of whiny smelly hairy people we must be.

There’s a war on women, make no mistake about it. And noticing it gets you bashed. 

So, to recap, a feminist is someone who believes in the economic, political, and social equality of women. That’s all it means. If you believe that, you’re a feminist. If you don’t, you’re a sexist. It’s not so hard. Recognize the propaganda Fox News/old white guy/insecure basement dweller game for what it is – wrong, and honestly a little embarrassing.

Thank you Donald Trump for teaching us all how to recognize the gaslighting. We get it now. 

To the entire spectrum of humans, I say to you, Be a Proud Feminist. Own it. Fight for it. Because the world needs this of you, and it needs it now. 

What do I say to the trolls? Hello. I’m glad you’re here. (a view is a view after all)

Hatred is exhausting. Maybe give tolerance and understanding a try. 

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