Monica Lewinsky talks feminism and fame.

A Brief Introduction to Monica Lewinsky, and her rise to fame:

What a woman. Monica Lewinsky talked a great deal about feminism and fame throughout her Ted Talk from 2015. She also touches on shame, humiliation, and compassion in our current society.

Way back in 1998 Monica fell in love, with a very charming man that the whole country loved (in case you’ve been living under a rock, that man was President Bill Clinton). The country slut shamed her for years for it.

We played her private phone conversations with her friends for all the world to hear. Remember the beret? The blue dress? Our cruelness towards this young woman was next level. Monica was only 22 years old. She knows a thing or two about humiliation and shame. I think we’d be smart to listen to her.

For the record….I love Hillary and I was furious at Monica for many years. She should not have been involved with a married man, there is nothing to dispute there. But it was a mistake, and I think we’ve all got a couple of those in our pocket that can help us empathize. (Or should)

It’s OK to respect both Hillary and Monica. Maybe we should ponder for a minute or two about how our culture pitted those two against each other, while forgiving Bill. It’s really a mindfuck how that happens.

Tough strong women, sidelined by a charmer. We all forgave the man years before we forgave the women. I get more into detail with what to do in Monica’s situation throughout my #MeToo article:

When It Happens To You

Monica Released a Book back in 1999:

She released a book back in 1999 Titled: “Monica’s Story” that can be found on Amazon. At the time, Monica Lewinsky had been central to the most sensational political storm of our time…yet she hadn’t said anything publicly about the scandal, until the release of the book. A Link to the book can be found below.


“Monica’s Story” by Andrew Morton

Follow Her On Twitter:

Monica Lewinsky talks feminism and fame on Twitter as well. She tweets in detail about why we need to empower other women and stand together. She can be found via the tweets below. I highly suggest it.

Monica Lewinsky Twitter