It’s not lost on any of us, that women in American history are pretty much non-existent. We’re basically low-level supporting actors who don’t make the history books.

The white men hold those honors in our society.

And when you do hear a story, we are helping out the menfolk. Betsy Ross? Probably fictional, but lore tells us she was the seamstress for our first flag. Not designed the first flag. Not fought for her flag. She sewed the flag, at the request of a man. Then she probably made him a sandwich. 

What did Sacagawea do? Helped Lewis & Clark, a couple of fellas.

Pocahontas? Helped John Smith.

Harriet Tubman squeaked in there, and I think it’s because she was such a super extraordinary and brave person she could not be ignored.

But who else from the early days of our nation? It’s like we weren’t there. Erased. Then, now, and in the future unless we change things.

I mean I guess there’s Eve.

The ultimate 1st villain. She’s the reason life is so tough on humankind right?  Eve is a woman who brought down a man and ruined what could have been the good life in the Garden of Eden. That story got through. There’s the Virgin Mary, ahem.

But we were there, at every step. Some really good ladies. Some really not so good ladies. We need to learn about all of them. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here’s a link to a great story entitled Why We Need to Include Female Villains in our history books. It talks about Griselda Blanco. A drug kingpin whose name should be mentioned along with Pablo Escobar, but it’s so unsettling to think of women in roles such as hers, we do not revere their stories. I hope the article will tickle your brain about the impacts of women not being present in our history.

And here’s a story about Giulia Tofana who is said to have manufactured poison makeup that killed over 600 men in Italy in the mid 1600’s. Where’s that Lifetime Movie?

This ends like all stories. There are good women and bad women. Good men and bad men. Good white people and black people, and vice versa. Same with immigrants, and all religions and all nationalities and sexual orientations and every other bucket you can put humankind into.

When are we going to learn? I think it starts with telling the stories. Learn a couple and pull them out tonight at the dinner table. Maybe talk about Giulia Tofana while shopping for make up with your friends.