When the Dictionary is written by young angry men, it ain’t pretty. Let us turn our thoughts to the Urban Dictionary. I’m sure you’ve ended up there via Google a time or two in your life. Urban Dictionary is where we find out the real deal on words right? It’s kind of like Wikipedia, but not monitored. People write their own definitions, other people like them,

If you go there, and look up the word feminist, the first 91 suggested definitions are wicked and mean. . So if you’re a young person coming up in the world, and google the word feminist, you are going to see some downright horrible definitions.

A top definition listed, and I quote….

“A person, usually but not necessarily of female gender, indoctrinated to find fault in everything a male does whilst believing all females can do no wrong. Feminists will use any lies, deceit, dubious statistics, manipulation, aggression and threats to eliminate any sense of fairness, justice or decency to men (or boys) irrespective of creed, ethnic background or colour. This includes an aim of eradicating traditional family values, ensuring children are deprived of all contact with their father wherever possible, and to dictate to the majority of truly sensible feminine woman what they can and cannot do with their life.”

The 3rd definition starts with: “bat shit crazy”.

I could go on and on and on and on.

The Number 43 definition is “A woman who sucked dick, but not enough dick to get to the job position she desired. Often can be found with unshaved legs”

Number 45 really got my attention: “Feminism or Feminist promote obesity, poor grooming, unhygienic uses of body fluids, unflattering clothing and personal styles as a means of punishing both women and men for preferring conventionally attractive women.”

Imagine you’re an 11 year old girl looking up words online, and you find the dictionary written by young angry men. 

You read those definitions. You don’t want to be a feminist.

You’re an 11 year old boy, you hate feminists too.

Who wouldn’t?

You should actually go to Urban Dictionary and spend some time.These are the people we walk the earth with. Frightening.

I read through 91 definitions until I found one that was not mean spirited and just plain wrong.

And here it is:


That stranger who keeps liking all my feminist definitions. This means that this person. Is a feminist, and believes that all genders are equal.

“Hello fellow feministYou’re cool!l


by GayerthanyouHA! February 22, 2019

Not the clearest definition, but the first positive one in a sea of hate. I checked out the author (shown above) Looks like they’ve gone in and given empathy filled truthful definitions of many words others do not. This is a good person doing going works. Thank you GayerthanyouHA! on Urban Dictionary!

Digging deeper has taught me what an incredibly racist, sexist site Urban Dictionary is.

The New Republic wrote an article about it. The Urban Dictionary’s primary demographic is males 15-24 and it’s a bit mortifying that there’s a huge segment of young men writing these garbage definitions and learning from the garbage on there.

And not just a handful of young men, either, the Urban Dictionary gets over 130 million global views per month. And most of those viewers aren’t going to read all the way down to the 92nd definition of feminist.

So ladies and gentlemen,….that’s one way we get people who say, “I believe in equality, but I’m not a feminist” .

We’re letting these young men take our word? A word that scares them because of their own insecurities?

I share this with you so you’ll understand what we’re up against. This is the tiniest slice of a big old propaganda pie our society has been fed their whole lives. The dish is deep. Beware and be a proud feminist.


Here’s a synopsis and link to a great article written by The Atlantic about how feminist bashing is a universal gateway to white supremacy. #TheMoreYouKnow