We decide what goes in our brains, and it’s time to Unlearn the Patriarchy. In my early 20’s I loved a good crime novel. Reading page after page about blood spatter and knife wounds and fingerprints was great fun.

One day, my grandmother said, “You decide what you put in your head, why would you put that crap in there.” It just clicked. You do decide what gets in and what doesn’t, and what gets in shapes you as a human being.

I haven’t read a crime novel since.

It’s the same with the patriarchy. There is no research that tells us that a male dominated society is the way the world intends things to be. In fact, it seems The Patriarchy is only about 10,000 years old. Before then it seems society was a bit more egalitarian, with a tad more reverence being given to the fact that women actually create life. Every now and then you can  even stumble across a matriarchal society. Kenya, Costa Rica, China and Indonesia currently have matriarchal societies where women control the social, political and economic structures of the land.  (and of course where Wonder Woman was born)

There is zero biological or genetic reason that white men hold the power in society.

Humans are 99.9% identical. The reason The Patriarchy exists is because our culture creates it, not because it’s fact based. Kind of like Trump’s Fake News. From the time our sex is known to our parents, until the day we die there are gender stereotypes shoved at us. From friends, family, the media….

Meanwhile, like everything else, we are figuring out that everything is non-binary. It’s not just a world of men and women. It’s a world of men and women with most traits and skills being shared up and down the spectrum. Only between 0 and 8% of of humans brains test as what our social norms consider to be 100% male vs 100% female. Societal  norms become self fulfilling prophecies. It’s a tangled web.

So what’s the lesson? The lesson is The Patriarchy is some made up bullshit, and made up bullshit can be exposed and changed rather quickly.

Our culture put this crap in our heads, we can see that clearly now.

So what are we to do? Unlearn the Patriarchy.

Expose yourself to bright forward thinking minds. Read, explore, learn and retrain.

Men? Don’t get defensive. There’s systematic sexism baked into our system. You benefit from that and all reasonable research shows it to be true.  It is your responsibility as a person of privilege, to use that privilege to smash the imbalances with us.

I’m ready to throw down the blood spattered, knife fight crime novel that is our Patriarchal Society, are you?

The Guardian published a great article on this topic that inspired this article. Read it here. 

Here’s a story about what our sisters in India go through in their Patriarchy. Keep in mind, all made up bullshit. Shocking.