When people or groups don’t agree, judges decide. Judges are wise, smart people who are neutral and simply apply the law as it is written. Right? No, and it’s getting much worse. America, we have a judge problem.

As you look at recent history we’ve had quite a few hot topics land before our judiciary. The Muslim Ban, LGBTQ and trans rights, and ridiculous backwards abortion laws passed by ridiculous backwards state legislatures just to name a few.

When things aren’t right, you can count on the ACLU or Planned Parenthood or NARAL or RAICES or someone to immediately file a suit, and we wait for judges to decree what will or will not be allowed.

A woman’s right to abortion has been shielded and protected by judges time and time again over the last few months and we all breathe a sigh of relief.

EXCEPT, what happens when the judges aren’t the wise old souls we expect them to be? Then we literally have no recourse.

We all got up close and personal to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings back in September of 2018. The pain is real when someone like Kavanaugh is named to the top court in our land.

We revere Ruth Bader Ginsburg and wish for her good health when it’s 11:11. Anger still boils about Merrick Garland. That’s just our Supreme Court who hears about 100 cases per year.

Now let me tell you what’s happening regularly to courts throughout the land with federal judges appointed by Donald Trump and confirmed by our Republican Senate Judiciary Committee. These appeal judges hear thousands and thousands of cases every year before things even get to the Supreme Court.


Trump has seated over 150 judges to the federal bench. Most are white males and many have sexist, racist, and anti LGBTQ views. These are the people that will begin deciding our court cases. Some have never even tried a case, much less presided over one. Nine nominees were deemed unqualified by the American Bar Association. 5 were given lifetime appointments anyway. Completely unqualified and now ready to decide fates.

The judiciary committee is the only Senate committee getting anything done these days and they’ll pass damn near ANYONE that Trump puts in front of them.McConnell love to brag that reshaping the judiciary has happened under his watch.

Why would a corrupt president install corrupt judges? Duh.

Why would our senate let him get away with it? They are spineless and unable to tell Trump no on anything.

What will the ramifications be? Shocking, sad, and frustrating.


We Have a Judge Problem

What can Democrats do to stop it? Not a damned thing. We must win the Senate back in 2020 to stop the onslaught and then if we also have the House we can begin to possibly impeach a few of them. After all, Kavanaugh lied to congress and there’s still the matter of all his bills being paid off before he was confirmed. Someone bought his seat. We’ll uncover the details eventually.

Who are these spineless Republicans sitting on the Judiciary Committee that keep approving horrible judges? Led by Lindsey Graham, these are the people doing harm that will last long after Trump is gone. These people need to be catching hell every single day for placing such shitty candidates in positions of power.

photo of Lindsey Graham


Chairman Lindsey Graham


There they are. If these Republicans represent you and your state it’s time to get loud and noisy about what they are doing to our country. You’ll notice there are links to their websites. Call their offices, protest, vote them out.

Judges aren’t born, they are made. Trump is making more of them than any other president in recent history.

That should scare the hell out of all of us.

We have a judge problem, and about all we can to stop it is #VoteBlue and hope for the best.

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