A feminist view on paid parental leave is YAS! Give of us some of that. Serena Williams husband feels the same way. He got slammed on Twitter for it. This is troubling to me.

Here’s one of the Tweets that started it:

Nice huh? Serena’s husband (i love saying that after years of women being only referred to as wives with no name) who just happens to be a co-founder of Reddit, nicknamed by tech companies as the Mayor of the Internet, worth $70 self made million dollars is also an activist, for parents.

Sounds lovely right?

So, he partnered with Dove Men Care, to highlight the lack of leave for parents in America, specifically fathers. He’s a father, Dove Men Care is obviously a male product, so it all came together in a beautiful fashion. There was a big petition drive, ads, an awareness campaign, and $5,000 grants for fathers who do not have paid leave.

There was also a week full of meetings with politicians on both side of the aisle in Washington pushing for paid PARENTAL leave for moms AND dads. The term of “dadvocate” started being bandied about.  Doesn’t the world need more dadvocates? You’re damn staight.

Working hard to effect change in a world that desperately needs it.

You go Alexis Ohanian. You go. Thank you for your help, right?

Not so fast according to the Twitterverse.  You would have thought Alexis would have slapped a newborn mother in the face and Dove was just a bunch of political leftists that are trying to get people to be moral. How dare they?

So frustrating. Here we have people trying to do good, and yet SMACK, people pull apart their intentions with the worst of assumptions.

How did we get here?

For Ohanian, his journey began when Serena gave birth to their daughter. Serena had a tough delivery and quite a long recovery. At this point, Ohanian realized how hard the process of a newborn was even with unlimited resources and help available. It struck him down to his core how difficult it must be for others. He wanted to help fix that. (So, not a bad guy amirite?)

Meanwhile, Dove Soap was looking for a way to make a positive impact on the male community, and garner attention for their Male Skin Products line.

They decided to work together to make a difference. Isn’t that the way a great world works? Who’s against parents (and dads) spending more time at home with their newborns?

Well, seems like a lot of people on Twitter. There are those offended because this is about fathers. They believe that mothers should get paid leave first. Women actually have the children, so there’s a physical need to a mom that doesn’t transfer over to the dad.

I get that. FOR sure.

Damn shame we don’t already have that. But to trounce on a men’s brand for advancing a men’s cause that would only serve to help women as well just isn’t right.

There’s no way on earth that woke ass Alexis Ohanian thought that mothers shouldn’t get time off. Dove didn’t think that either.

Their efforts on capitol hill work for BOTH parents to be able to stay home with a newborn.

Now, let’s not forget the people that don’t have kids who that think a bonus has been taken away from them if they don’t get paid time off too.  If they don’t get paid leave, so why should anyone else. Ummm….maybe because raising a baby right is hard work that serves the whole world? Not appreciated by some people. They also frequently don’t like investing in public education. (but they don’t have a problem with the military 9 times out of 10)

But, if you don’t think that parental leave is a worthy cause, then I really don’t know what to do with you.

If women are going to move forward in this world, we need to thank advocates fighting beside us. We need to be happy that men will be in the trenches with us after a baby is born. Not get into a race of whataboutism. Feminism is about equality, for us all and there is plenty of work left to be done.


To sum it up, thank you Alexis and Dove +Men Care for trying to do good things.

That’s a true feminist view on paid parental leave and what you are fighting for.  To the haters I say, take a deep breath. Alexis is not our enemy. He’s Serena’s husband for Christs Sake!

The Facts

Among 41 developed nations, the United States is the only one that does not provide PAID time off for new parents.

Federal Law does require large employers to offer 12 weeks of UNPAID parental leave after a child is born.

Some states mandate paid family leave. Some companies offer it where it is not required.

Nationwide: only 17% of new parents have access to PAID leave.

Alexis Ohanian took 16 weeks of paid paternity leave from his progressive company Reddit.


To learn more about the campaign go here.

Here’s a great story about how unnatural the way house and child care is to our heritage. It’s a 1950’s blip that the fellas are really holding on to. Fascinating stuff.

Here’s a story about how tough marriage and family are today, and many of our youth are opting out. 

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