Unless we throw in a mere itty bitty handful of matriarchal societies¬† and the Wonder Woman Movie, there just is no such thing as a city designed for women. We simply haven’t been in positions of power long enough to have designed one. We most certainly helped, but the truth is, men have developed all of them.

Their needs, their wants, their perspectives dictate our physical world.

What if, that wasn’t the case? How would things be different?

Barcelona Spain has been experimenting with that very thought.

Since 2015, Feminist Mayor Ada Colau, and her self-declared feminist council have attempted to “feminize” their society and political system. What if the city served everyone? Everything from city design, public toilets, and sexual harassment have been explored.

Even Barcelona’s school libraries have been given a review. They no longer stock the book Sleeping Beauty. In case you never noticed, it’s about as toxic as you can get for a childhood story. A woman is poisoned and goes into a coma. She can only wake up if a strange man comes along and kisses her. And that’s supposed to be a romantic fairy tale. The crap we ingest as children is boundless.

The whole country was triggered by in 2016. At the famed running of the bulls in Pamplona, an 18 year old woman was gang raped by 5 men. The men were found guilty of a much lesser assault charge. The country exploded. I imagine this was their awakening, similar to the beginnings of our own #MeToo Movement here in the states.

There’s also the all too familiar anti-feminist backlash bubbling in the background. You can count on it. Progress is never a straight line. The Vox Party (they are the far right party in Spain. ) spins the same tired tropes about feminists. We’re awful people that hate men. Blah Blah Blah.

They are loud, but they aren’t winning.

Progress is being made. The most recent election was in in April 2019. 46.8 percent of Spain’s parliament is women. That’s 26 more than the last election.

And Mayor Colau? Still in office thank you very much.

Here’s a link to a video by the BBC about some of the changes the feminist led government brought to Barcelona. I’m a huge fan of the No Sleaze Zone. Why don’t we have that?

Watch the video to learn about it.


South Korea is also suffering from a feminism backlash right now. Learn more here.

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