Wednesday November 13th at 10am ET the formal impeachment hearings for Trump begin, and down the hall, the House Judiciary Committee will be marking up HJ Res 79. HJ Res 79 is the official name of the bill, put forth by tireless advocate Rep. Jackie SpeierĀ  (D-CA) to eliminate the deadline set for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? At the exact same time?

We’ve spent almost 100 years trying to get the ERA ratified, and the light brightened with Virginia turning blue in the most recent election. Of course, we have to wait until January for that to happen. BUT, even when it does we still have that pesky deadline to deal with.

And then bam, at the very same time our rapist, misogynist president begins his official downfall, the Judiciary Committee will be marking up the Equal Rights Amendment?


This is our moment ladies. The universe has decreed it. We must seize it and keep pushing. The universe is making it so. Together we will change this f’d up world.

And it all starts tomorrow at 10am. Tune In! And keep voting blue and elect more women! Seems to me Nancy & Jackie are doing a damned fine job.


#ERANow #ElectWomen

Learn more about the Equal Rights Amendment here.

You can listen to the markup at the link below.


And you can watch the impeachment hearings on cable news and ABC,NBC,CBS, and PBS. Gonna be kind of hard to miss.

Don’t forget. Wednesdays we wear pink. And kick ass.