Meet Marie “Masha” Yovanovitch, a principled woman that corrupt men don’t like very much and a true American Patriot.

Yovanovitch was born to Russian parents in Canada and moved to Connecticut when she was 3. She became a US citizen at 18. After college she began working at the U.S. Foreign Service and her career stayed on a positive trajectory from there. In 2016 Obama appointed her to be the US Ambassador to Ukraine where she tirelessly fought corruption.

Then, the Trumps came along. Yovanovitch suffered a year long smear campaign conducted by the soup of men tied up in the Impeachment Inquiry. Donald Trump, his administration, Don Jr, the conservative media, Rudy Giuliani, Lev and Igor all took their swipes at her. The pressure was severe to remove her from Ukraine. (that’s usually a sign that an anti-corruption maven is doing their job well!)

And then, after a year of this character besmirching, she was relieved of her duties at Trump’s request. She was not fired, but “re-assigned” to a teaching position at Georgetown University.

A woman’s 30 year distinguished career, smashed at the hands of corrupt men. Heard that song before?

BTW: it was Bill Taylor, who testified on Wednesday who took her place as our top diplomat to the Ukraine.


Because if you’re going to do corrupt things, you don’t want Marie Yovanovitch anywhere close by.

She’s smart, she’s tough, and not going to be pushed around by the likes of Donald Trump or his goons.

Yovanovitch was advised by the State Department to not testify behind closed doors to Congress on November 4th, but under subpoena she showed up anyway,. And she did it with passion, class, and style.

She came and in defiance, spoke her truth to power.

Her words from the closed door hearing can be found at the transcript link here

Know this, If we put all the extortion and blackmail with defense money and visits to the White House to the side,just know we can impeach Trump on what he did to Yovanovitch ALONE. You can’t push out an ambassador so you can do corrupt bad things unwatched. That is impeachable as an abuse of power. So that’s kind of significant.

Yovanovitch also exhibited admirable bravery by defying the order from the state department to testify. We aren’t seeing very much bravery out of our government these days. It’s not only refreshing but also hopefully an inspiration to others within the administration that there is a hero’s way forward.

Yovanovitch testified at the public Impeachment Inquiry on Friday.

Dan Rather summed up the hearing the best I’ve seen.

I pick Maria Yavonovitch’s America.

Smart, tough as nails, and yet human. She’s clear about feeling threatened by our adversaries, and our own government. Yet there she is. Being brave and all. Making us all proud.

And next week we get Fiona Hill.