I love feminist Twitter. Here’s some of the things and people that piqued my interest there this week.


December 6 marked the 30 year anniversary of a Canadian mass shooting by a self affirmed, blatant, anti-feminist. This year, the memorial plaque changed the words to reflect the tragedy as anti-feminist violence rather than “a tragic event”. Was it just too hard to say that back then? Violence and misogyny go hand in hand. We know this. We must name it to even begin to try and fix it.

@sarahshulist’s tweet gives us food for thought on the topic. Noodle it around for a minute.

An anti-rape Song & Dance perfect for flash mobbing? Hell Yes. 

Women of the world have claimed the song “the Rapist is You” as a feminist anthem. The energy is growing and it’s powerful. Hats off to the women of Chile who started this powerful protest. Then go learn the song. So inspiring.

Here’s some more background on the movement, and backlash.

Fairy Tales are Weird

@alieechan reminds us that fairy tales are some straight up misogynistic bullshit.


The freshly crowned Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi is as impressive and they come.

Twitterer @sararodriguez offers a nice twist on the pageant world.  I love “line up a bunch of women and rate them”) But we work with what we’ve got and make it our own. Tunzi is using her platform to fight the forces that put her there. I like it.

Another Nice Twist? This year is the first year in history that the top 4 pageants in the world – Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, and now Miss Universe, all have crowns on the heads of black women. Beautiful.


What did you to To Her? 

Natalie Portman gives us some steps to begin the process of dismantling inequality. My fav? If a man says a woman is crazy, ask him what awful thing he did to her.

AND to close – literally anything @EmRazz has tweeted.

She is always fun to watch. Go follow her now.

Like here’s her take on the Golden Globes lack of female nominations when someone pushed on whether or not women should be nominated just because she’s a woman. “Denial of basic math belies the bias” I mean are you kidding me? Write that on your hand and use it daily.

Have a great week!

Looking for information on the Equal Rights Amendment? Here’s a nice primer.