Sexual Harassment is everywhere, even on live TV. Here are 9 examples of men so brazen and devoid of appropriate behavior, they harassed women with the cameras rolling. Their bravado is unnerving.

Sexual Harassment at a Family Fun Run

Alex Bozarjian a news reporter out of Savannah, GA gets her ass slapped by a jogger running by. Later he lame excused that he got “caught up in the moment” and knew he hit her on the back, but didn’t know where specifically. Her face and his non-apology says it all. BTW: this harasser is a youth minister. Of course he is.


Blatant Sexual Harassment on the X Factor

Watch Mel B call out Louis Walsh for being a pig. Spice Girl still got it going on.


Even at the World Cup

The World Cup was the setting of several on camera moments that were inappropriate. It was the 3rd time the reporter from Brazil had been harassed on camera, and she was done. Watch her clap back.

Duh! on Fox News

No surprise here. Gretchen is gone now (with a nice settlement in her pocket) and an advocate for women. The movie comes out in December.



Harassment on TV with side of a cover-up.

Whether you speak Spanish or not, it’s easy to see what’s happening here. Listen to the commentary afterwards to hear about the coverup.



Harassment in Louisville

Here we have another news reporter doing their job only to be interrupted by a misogynistic jerk.

They will not be Denied

This guy, kissed a woman’s breast when she avoided the cheek kiss. Harassers gonna harass no matter what.


Sexual Harassment Survivor Style

You’re going to need to watch the CBS show Survivor, Season 39, episode 8. Kellee Kim called out a fellow castaway for sexual harassment on the first day. He never stopped being inappropriate. Survivor eventually kicked him off the show.


Sexual Harassment while talking about Sexual Harassment.

Meanwhile, this reporter is actually talking about the rampant sexual assaults at the Cologne Germany festival, while this dude….


This is just drop in the bucket to what takes place when the cameras aren’t around.

Do Better Guys. Do Better.

Here’s what to do when it happens to you. has a website with a wealth of knowledge on it’s pages. I highly suggest going there to learn more about sexual harassment, assault, and all things inappropriate.