What the hell is wrong with a society that blares misogyny in our music?  I mean honestly, many lyrics should be classified as hate speech towards women. Hoe, slut, bitch and gold diggers are around every corner in rap songs. Artists like R.Kelly still sell out concerts. Chris Brown? Hit one of our queens and still performs at Awards shows.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, here’s just a few snippets from rap songs your fellow Americans, mainly impressionable young men are listening to.

Beware: Truly offensive content ahead. (Mom, please go to another article)

Eminem from his song Drips. Ahhh, the melody….

“That’s why I ain’t got no time, for these games and stupid tricks, or these bitches on my dick,
that’s how dudes be getting sick, that’s how dicks be getting drips, falling victims to this
shit, from these bitches on our dicks, fucking chickens with no ribs, that’s why I ain’t got no

Bizarre  on D12’s Fight Music:

“You know why my hands are so numb
Cause my grandmother sucked my dick and I didn’t cum
Smacked this whore for talkin’ crap
So what if she’s handicapped; the bitch said Bizarre couldn’t rap
I fuckin’ hate you; I’ll take your drawers down and rape you
While Dr. Dre videotapes you…”

Lil Wayne – almost anything. 

“And all she eat is dick, she’s on a strict diet. That’s my baby,”

Lil Wayne is a platinum and gold and is one of the best selling artists of all time. Over 15 million albums of this crap is out in the world.

Snoop Dogg — “Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None)”

This one is about gang rape. Nice huh?


He’s interesting, he managed to show us his good and bad sides.

The same fella who gave us “Hit em Up” and was charged with sodomy and sexual assault and also gave us “Dear MaMa” and “Keep Your Head Up”. Feminist friendly anthems if there ever were ones.

Here are some excerpts from “Keep Your Head Up”. I maintain they are some of the most respectful, soft, understanding lyrics you’ll hear from modern times. YES, this is Tupac.

When you come around the block brothas clown a lot
But please don’t cry, dry your eyes, never let up
Forgive but don’t forget, girl keep your head up
And when he tells you you ain’t nuttin’ don’t believe him
And if he can’t learn to love you, you should leave him
‘Cause sista you don’t need himAnd since we all came from a woman
Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman
I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?
I think it’s time to kill for our women
Time to heal our women, be real to our women
And if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies
That will hate the ladies, that make the babies
And since a man can’t make one
He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one
So will the real men get up
Wonder what he’d be doing now? I hope using his music to save us.

So who is listening to this hateful misogyny in music? Our young people.

Almost two thirds of the rap audience is between the ages of 18-34. More women than men listen to rap which shocked the hell out of me. 40% of the hip hop audience is black and 70% of Hispanics are hip hop listeners.

This link will give you a bunch more stats on Hip Hop listeners.  Like 12.9% of them buy new clothes every week and only 1/3 of them watch the news at least once per week. Maybe we should put some democratic platform lyrics and get out the vote messaging in some of the songs? The same blog introduced me to the following documentary. Watch it commercial free below and I think it may open your eyes a bit to the whole rap community. It’s worth the hour.

The cliff notes for the documentary are below

Hip Hop was inspired by the Zulu Nation in 1974 on these 4 tenants

  1. Peace
  2. Unity
  3. Love
  4. Have Fun

Somewhere down the line, the capitalists got involved since they control the music industry. The tenants of goodness were pushed out. The capitalists are big fans of making black people seem scary and out of control. That way, we’ll be scared of them and put them in prison. So the nastier, meaner, in your facer, more shocking the music coming from the black community, the better. (according to the assholes in charge) The documentary maintains there’s plenty of not morally degrading rap music out there, you’re just not hearing it. Kind of like in country music where women are only 1 out of 10 songs played on the country music radio. The women don’t get airplay in country music. They get straight up misogyny in rap.

Thoughtful rap isn’t getting airplay either these days, because the powers that be don’t want black people seeming smart and thoughtful. That would ruin our for profit prison white supremacist loving nation.

DAMN. When you start to peel back the layers of the onion things get interesting don’t they?

Another strong statement from the documentary is that “Hip Hop culture represents what is happening in the Inner City”. If this is true, revisit those lyrics, and tell me we shouldn’t double down on education and the welfare of our children. We are in trouble people.

So sit on that, and then it begs the question…..

Is misogyny in our music only from the world of rap?

I will say that the lyrics in rap music today do seem to take the cake on straight up in your face be mean and disrespectful to women skills. Review the beginning of this story if you’ve forgotten.

But now let’s take a look at lyrics from some other genres.

Guns N Roses — “It’s So Easy”

“Turn around, bitch, I got a use for you/ Besides, you ain’t got nothing better to do/ And I’m bored.”

Neil Young — “A Man Needs a Maid”

Neil decided that relationships were too much work. Really all he wanted was someone to “keep my house clean, fix my meals, and go away”. I guess we can be glad that he doesn’t consider a wife as fulfilling that job description.

The Police — “Every Breath You Take”

The standard stalker song: “Oh, can’t you see/ You belong to me?” No, Sting people don’t belong to other people like that.

Johnny Cash — “Cocaine Blues”

“ I can’t forget the day I shot that bad bitch down

The Rolling Stones — “Under My Thumb” 

No Thanks Mick!

The Beatles — “Run For Your Life”

John Lennon beat both his wives. This song doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Robin Thicke & Pharrell Williams — “Blurred Lines”

Pharrell recently apologized for this rapey little song. Read the article here. 

Punk Rock gave us The Misfits — “Attitude”

“Attitude, you got some fucking attitude/ I can’t believe what you say to me/ You got some attitude/ Inside your feeble brain there’s probably a whore/ If you don’t shut your mouth you’re gonna feel the floor.”

Nickelback — “Follow You Home”

“You can slap me in the face/ You can scream profanity/ Leave me here to die alone, but I’ll still follow you home”?  Creepy much Nickelback? It’s good the world decided we didn’t like you after all.

SO that’s it. A quick synopsis of the straight up misogyny in our music that gets pumped in our heads over and over and over again. This cannot be good for society.

Need to cheered up? How about some Queen Latifah, Unity. It’ll make you smile after reading this article.

Quick Sidenote: Do women also practice hate in their music? Yes we do. But it’s different somehow.Lots of rage and revenge over sexual assault. Since 1 out of 5 of us are sexually assaulted, I see where the rage comes from.  Click here to read a great article from FlavorWire on the songs most filled with misandry. (the opposite of misogyny. ) It’s a word we all need to know sadly. If you’re thinking of Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks, I will say however, that Earl did need to die.