2020 is going to be a pivotal year and sure could use some focused, feminist resolutions.  Our country, our earth, people of color, and all women are straining for progress. It is true, there are many negative forces working against us, but if we can come together, and fight for each other collectively we can literally change our worlds.

Here’s some feminist goals for your consideration.

Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment

What You Can Do:

  • Lift up voices fighting to finally ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. (We need one more state….looking at you Virginia!)
  • Vote for candidates who openly support women’s rights and give money to their campaigns.
  • Educate friends and family who do not even know what the Equal Rights Amendment is. Only 6% of us do apparently.

Side note: If you’re a bit fuzzy on the Equal Rights Amendment, learn more here.  Highly recommend watching the documentary Equal Means Equal for greater understanding.

Vote, Get Others to Vote, and Elect More Women

What You Can Do:

  • Show Up to ALL local, state, and federal elections.
  • Educate yourself to all candidates beliefs. Vote Blue.

Need to check your own personal registration?

Go here.

It only takes 30 seconds and it will have you set for November. 

  • How to get others to Vote? Talk to them, volunteer, give rides, promote democracy in word and deed. Get people fired up! Pass around the link above freely.
  • Elect More Women. Not only because they are women. But because representation matters and many of us have skills the world needs right now.

Support Women, Especially Women of Color.

What You Can Do:

  • Your support is needed at EVERY level, not just politicians. Your sister, mom, friends,daughters, and neighbors could all use a break. Don’t forget fellow moms at school or the lady checking out your groceries. How about the woman on the phone trying to fix your cable bill? Women can be notoriously shitty to each other. How about we lighten up this year and lift ourselves up?
  • If you’re white, recognize your privilege and take it up a notch by supporting women of color who get a double dose of the crap from the world. Lift their voices. Give money to their political campaigns. Vote for them.

We do that? We can do anything.

Support the Good Guys Too

What You Can Do:

  • We don’t fight our fights in a vacuum. For every asshole misogynist out there, there’s a great guy learning to navigate a new system. Welcome them as we all learn and “unlearn” together. Mass generalizations are never good, but statistics cannot be ignored. Remember it all.

Use Your Voice

What You Can Do:

  • Get Loud! Most people are busy living their lives and getting milk in the fridge. They really just aren’t sitting around picking apart the patriarchal aspects of a world that is totally normalized to them. The more exposure your friends and family have to alternative perspectives, the more they notice, the more they learn. Talk to people. Expose them. Learn more yourself so you can inspire others.

Attend the Women’s March

What You Can Do:

  • GO!!!! The energy is amazing.
  • Do yourself a solid and be sure and come carrying an awesome poster. January 18, 2020.


What You Can Do:

  • Do not shy away from words. Abortion?  1 in 4 women have one. It is a quite normal thing and legal in all 50 states.  It helps take away the stigma if we don’t treat it like a bad word. Try it. Watch people be shocked.
  • You can say period and tampon too by the way. Words matter. Use them with power.

Gender Fluidity

What You Can Do:

  • Recognize we do not live in a binary world.
  • Focus on thoughtful uses of pronouns and dismantling preconceived notions.
  • Do the work to break habits you may not even realize you have.
  • Read, follow smart guides on social media, and do some deep thinking. Become a much more evolved person by 2021.

Be Kind to the Earth

What You Can Do:

  • Recycle more, consume less, honor more. She is our mother remember.

Love, Peace, and Patience

What You Can Do:

  • A successful year of feminist resolutions will require all of these. Give love, peace, and patience to the world freely, and karma will bring them right back your way.

Here’s to a revolutionary, fantastic, exciting  2020 for women and a much better world for us all.