The draft became a hot topic this week. Given our current unhinged president it’s easy to believe it will come up again. Here’s a quick article on the skinny on just how selective the selective service really is.

Right now, the draft is an all male affair with male persons 18-25 required to sign up. Signing up is just the opening bid. It offers you to your government as a potential service member in the event of a crisis. Then there are lotteries and mental, physical and moral tests from there. Then, bam you may find yourself in the desert getting missiles shot at you. But only the fellas.

Women have been allowed in combat since 2015, Obama did that one. But only in the “women who volunteered to be in the military” kind of way. Right now the law doesn’t allow you to pluck Madi from her home. Only Jack gets that honor.

Seems a bit unequal in today’s world doesn’t it?

It also riles up the men and scares the women. Some men say, if I’m going to be drafted so should a woman. Honestly I agree.

Some women say, I don’t want to go to war, so no thank you. I agree with that one too. Except I believe the solution is no draft. We can solve this 2 ways, and I prefer women not be drafted AND men not be drafted.

It’s also a common excuse used NOT to pass the Equal Rights Amendment. (along with the bathrooms, ahhhh the glorious bathrooms)

The inequality of men signing up but not women bothers me. But only just for a minute.

Then I realize women don’t have equality in our constitution, so why would I declare I must have it in the military, arguably one of the toughest nuts out there?

As we wrestle with all this as a country, I’d submit that if we pass the Equal Rights Amendment, then all people (men and women) should have to register.

Until that happens, I’m happy to savor it as a sparse sweet nugget. Consider it a trade off for doing the bulk of domestic work, getting paid less, suffering from sexual assault and violence at much greater numbers than our male counterparts, and not being recognized as full and equal citizens according to our constitution.

We’re at war at home all the time. Let’s fix some of that, and I’m happy to go fight for more.

The truth is, there will very likely never be another draft. Congress and the president would have to pass legislation to make it happen and I can’t see that being a strong political move. We have an existing volunteer military of over 1.5 Americans and technology has changed the need for hoards of  bodies to fight our battles.

But I like that the topic it gets people talking about equality and the lack thereof.

More of that please.

South Korea has a mandatory stint in the military required for men. Learn how it’s causing a feminist backlash here.

Here’s a handy dandy link to the selective service website if you want to learn more.