Straight out of the 1950’s may we present, Equal Rights Amendment Gaslighting and How to Douse it. As the topic of women’s rights becomes more prevalent, misogynists jump all over themselves with nonsensical reasons we should not add this important clarifier to our constitution. Below you’ll find some of the most common lame excuses they’ll throw at you.


Women are already equal, and the whole thing is a bunch of poppycock from a bunch of radical feminists.

Opponents of women’s equality often point to a patchwork of state laws, some of which do afford women equality, but they are based on a state by state basis. It is not a federal mandate.

Even if all 50 states afforded women equality, we still need it in the constitution, our country’s most cornerstone document. Laws can shift easily after one bad election cycle. Amendments to the constitution have staying power. Equality should be all about staying power.

When people say women already have equal rights, they are not listening to our Supreme Court who would ultimately decide the issue. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, currently on the court, exercises equality for women as a passion, she’s clear we do not have it.

The late Antonin Scalia, former Supreme Court Judge acknowledged it during a conference in 2011. If we take just those 2 members of the highest court in the land, one a liberal and one a conservative, you’ll see the reasoning is flawed that we are already equal.

How about we ratify the equal rights amendment and clear the murkiness. Murkiness has no room in equality.

If women have equal rights we will have to fight in combat in a war.

I completely believe we will have more wars. Our idiot boy president, climate change,and the refugee crisis will guarantee unrest for us for many years to come. However, women have been eligible for any combat position since 2015 (thanks Obama!) and we haven’t had a draft since 1973. Wars of our future will be mainly wars of technology, think drones not huge swaths of humans. We have a volunteer military of 1.2 million at this time. A potential draft is not nearly as worrisome to me as not having equality here at home. The better solution is to stop wars, not keep us unequal. If I’m living in an equal society, and my skills are necessary to protect this country, I’ll go.

If we have constitutional equality, we will lose custody of our children.

Physical custody of children should always be split between both parents as long as both are able. Bad parents come in both male and female format. It is impossible to make such sweeping judgements reliably. Our divorce courts will have to continue to make judgement calls. Be a good parent, you’ll get to keep 50% of your child’s time male or female.

But will women still be able to collect child support and alimony?

Of course, as warranted. Will you have to pay palimony and child support? Yes, when warranted. It’s about equality. For us, for them, and most importantly for the children.

If we are equal then what on earth is going to happen to the bathrooms?

I gotta tell you, all the bathroom hubbub is getting old. I know of no bathroom that is guarded today to keep the crazy men out. What on earth are we so afraid of? Anyone could walk into any bathroom today and in my travels I’m not noticing it to be some huge problem out there. Give me a door, and I really could care less who (man or woman) is in the stall beside me. Urinals may be a lot, partition them off and make them optional. Maybe this would actually shorten the line at sporting events!

What about laws on the books that already protect women?

If we are equal, would those laws go away? Maybe, but you’ll be protected by something even better than a law, and that’s our constitution. This comes down to the type of scrutiny a case is given. Strict scrutiny is afforded to court cases that involve race, religion, or country of origin. Those are protected classes via the constitution. It says that if I take you to court, over an inequality based on those 3 reasons, the defendant will have to prove they did NOT discriminate. Since women are not a protected class, our cases are viewed with intermediate scrutiny, which requires proof you did. Big difference. Our protections are flimsy and weighted towards the fellas.

The Equal Rights Amendment will change all that.

 If women have equality, our bodies will not be able to be regulated.

We’ll probably be going out and getting abortions every Friday night. A woman’s right to reproductive freedom is currently settled law in America. The nay-sayers are threatening us with things that are already against the law. They prey on ignorance and are super-excited to unsettle that law. If you are against abortion, don’t have one. But it’s not your decision for the rest of us.

There was a deadline on the original ratification and it expired.

This one is the dumbest of all. Our government is going to let an arbitrary deadline wipe away equality for 51% of our population? We put a man on the moon for Christ Sake. I think we can do away with a deadline.

Ladies have been sold a bill of goods, and the time is to stand up for your rights is now. Elect politicians who openly support equality. (Spoiler: Not all women do) Tell your friends, prepare your arguments, be ready for the discussion. In the end, the ballot box will decide equality. It always does. Vote Blue every damned chance you get, and make the Equal Rights Amendment part of your decision making process.

The reasons given for equal rights amendment gaslighting are flimsy and tired. Don’t let ‘em scare you. Equality is never a bad thing.

This is a topic you will hear much more about in the coming months. Be ready. Vote wisely. 

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