Feminist Twitter is a great place to go for both info and laughs. Here’s a dozen examples from this week.

Let’s start off with a common and tired attack on women by men and……. a perfect response to it.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

The Patriarchy runs deep.


They are attempting to overwrite history, because that history, is bad.

And then we have the #tradwife movement. Take 5 minutes and watch the video. Better yet, read the comments.


This gives me chills that we need this. It makes me happy women have it.

This week marked 47 years of legal abortion. If we don’t all vote blue every damned chance we get, we won’t have many more.


Just dropping this observation here.


Well well well. Thanks Kobe. This is huge. Although I still wish you didn’t rape that girl and so that makes me feel conflicted. But NOT about how the ladies play b-ball.

The Pink Tax…..again…..of course…….

Read about the pretty tax here.

And we’ll wrap with a twofer.

  1. Greece elected it’s first ever female President!
  2. She uses a Notorious RBG mug for her pencil cup!