No matter your cause of choice (and it’s so hard to pick one these days) if the cause chosen has anything to do with equality, fairness, kindness or generosity, you can trust we will never achieve it with the Republicans in charge.

So, this is my loud proclamation that I will vote blue no matter who and everyone of us needs to or we are just going to keep going backwards harder and faster with the Reds in charge.

There are so many issues I want to progress on, and we could progress on, if  everyone of us shows up and votes blue up and down the ticket every damn chance we get.

Here’s 20 things I want from a newly elected government in 2020.  They sound like dreams come true, but it wouldn’t be impossible, if we just showed up and voted for the greater good. Otherwise, ain’t none of this stuff stand a chance.

  1. The Equal Rights Amendment
  2. Healthcare for All
  3. Better, and I mean MUCH BETTER public schools, which includes better pay for great teachers, better facilities, and a total revamp of the current curriculum to match today’s environment.
    Vote Blue for Better Public Schools
    Our children deserve better than our current public school system.

    Do we really need to know how to still do Trigonometry or do we need to know how the work Excel? The world changed. How we prepare our children for this new world, has not.

  4. End the shenanigans around abortion. A woman should have the right to decide whether or not to have a child. It is way too important of a decision. We need to stop the fighting about it and move on.  If you personally do not want to have an abortion, you should not have one. But the 70% of the population that believes it’s a woman’s right should be allowed to without the harassment and regulations that have swept through the states.
  5. All children who want or need one should be able to have a free and nutritious breakfast and lunch at school. This is America. I’m just not satisfied that one out of every 7 children is food insecure. Cafeteria lunch bill shaming is cruel. I do not want to be a cruel people. And stop messing with the Snap Program.
  6. I want common sense gun laws, because I am not a freak. I do not want to take your granddaddy’s rifle. The NRA and Fox News have lied to you. I think we need to ban all assault type weapons, background checks, and red flag laws are just good sense. We will not gain ground on this important issue until we get an all blue government.
  7. Sensible immigration policies that do not discriminate based on skin color.
  8. A complete revamp of our voting policies. We need to make THE RIGHT TO VOTE easier and more accessible.
  9. Criminal Justice reform including an end to cash bail. What a bunch of crap that is to benefit the wealthy and  punish the poor.
  10. Pot? Make it legal. Who are we kidding? Tax it to give the teachers a raise. If alcohol is legal, in fact revered, then it’s time to lay the stigma against pot to rest.
  11. We need to go back into the world and make the right kind of friends. America has been going through a bad boy stage with Trump at the helm and is running around with the wrong kind of crowd. Putin, Erdogan, MBS, Kim Jong Un…these are his buddies and we’ve spooked our old friends. We need better friends and alliances.
  12. Climate change. It’s real and we need to get busy.

    Climate Change is only possible if we Vote Blue
    Our planet is not happy.
  13. Racial Injustice. Runs rampant. Can we all understand that and work together to end the systems of oppression present for our non white fellow citizens? White privilege is for sure a thing, and we need to do better.
  14. The cost value proposition for college doesn’t compute. It’s a racket built on dreams that don’t come true for most. That ain’t right.
  15. Our military needs to be treated better, paid more, and used less. I am sure of this.
  16. Any bullshit rules about trans people and gay people need to go away.
  17. We need to over turn Citizens United.  Look where that’s gotten us.
  18. We need to impeach Kavanaugh and toss out all the incompetent judges that Trump and his shady Senate Judiciary Committee have installed in office.
  19. We need to change the tax code pronto. The staggering wealth gap is shameful. Minimum wage is not even. It’s substandard and people are working too hard for too little while Jeff Bezos is worth $150 billion and pays no taxes. Now come on. I love capitalism, but that’s just wrong.
  20. We need to prosecute and punish the corrupt government currently running the show. They are cretins and thieves and they must pay. I think Kamala Harris would be a FANTASTIC Attorney General. Yep, that could happen if you vote blue, no matter who.


GO HERE to check your registration and learn more about your specific political races. Confirming your registration only takes a minute. C’mon, you won’t take a quick minute to make life better for all of us? Please? Thank You. Please pass it on.


So, what did I miss? What’s on your list?


Image by Prashboy Telem from Pixabay