100 years ago, women received the right to vote. I would have thought we’d have used the privilege more wisely. We say we wanna have it all. But do we? Here’s why I ask. 

  1. Women have the ability to vote for and directly choose our lawmakers.
  2. We are 51% of the population. Therefore, we should be able to vote in anything or anybody we want.


And yet….

  • America does not guarantee women equality in our constitution. It’s past time for the Equal Rights Amendment. We need to vote in representation that will make it so. With the right people in office, they could do it in an afternoon. 
  • Then, there’s the fact that the United States is the only industrialized country without paid family leave. Surely that’s important to women since we’re the ones that do the caretaking the majority of the time.  Do we vote in a government that would make it so? No we do not. 
  • Furthermore, our public schools are in shambles. I would think since we are the mothers of the children getting such a subpar education, that would be a big deal for us. And yet, we’ve got Betsy DeVos up in there. We pay teachers (majority: women) a pitiful salary not at all commensurate with their value. These are our children, and we teach them as cheaply as we can possibly get away with. Our government could change that. 
  • There are thousands and thousands of rape kits sitting on shelves in police departments all over this country. Not a priority. I think we’d want that changed. We could do that. 

In this great country of ours…..

  • a woman makes pennies to the man’s dollar in the workplace, and a whole bunch of nothing for doing the lions share of work around the house. Does that seem right to you? 
  • Healthcare sucks for everyone, but worse for women. We have ignorant, uninformed politicians making laws about OUR bodies. Where are the laws about their bodies? Non-existent. See my point? We are being regulated ladies.  Watch a little Handmaid’s Tale and freak yourself out.
  • This rich and blessed country of ours is proposing throwing 40 million families in need off food stamps.  Meanwhile we are racking up debt at a breakneck pace to pay for golf trips and  defense spending.
  • We are ignoring the impending climate crisis and letting our children go to bed hungry.
  • We are separating children from their parents and putting babies in trumped up jails at our borders.
  • Childcare in this country is a grossly expensive joke. 

The world is a dangerous place.

  • This country will not pass common sense gun laws. Assault weapons should be banned, background checks should be improved and required, and red flag laws should begin saving thousands of lives.
  • We need to improve our infrastructure, our schools, and our communities (where IS that infrastructure week they keep promising me by the way?)
  • Minimum wage needs to shift to a living wage, and the wealth gap is shameful.
  • We are letting oil and gas and corrupt greedy liars run our country.  Globally we are shunning our friends and snuggling up to our enemies.


If we all show up and vote we can stop the bullshit and have the country we want. We are the ones stopping ourselves.

Vote blue no matter who, up and down the ticket, and we can finally have it all. 

Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

Check your registration and learn more about your individual voter information by going HERE

This is how we have it all. We give it to ourselves. November 3rd, 2020. Be there and tell friends.

There was a recent article that talks about women’s voting power. Including the fact that 10 million more women than men voted in 2016. The question becomes when will do vote in our own self-interest? Read it here

Learn more about how we’ve been gaslit over the Equal Rights Amendment.

What for sure won’t happen if we don’t show up and vote blue.

What will you change?