What a week for equality, politics, and the patriarchy. Let us touch on some highlights.


The Equal Rights Amendment

Ruth Bader Ginsburg dealt a blow to all those hoping that the Equal Rights Amendment would be ratified after Virginia’s historic 38th state vote in January. She says, we have to start all over. It’s too messy.


The lady who probably wants the equal rights amendment more than the rest of us, and who sits on the highest court in the land, and has fought her whole life for women’s rights says, we’ve lost this round. Go start over on something we’ve been fighting for for 97 years? It’s disheartening to say the least. Especially so because the House voted this week to eradicate the deadline. It would now require the Senate and the President to do the same. I think we all know that ain’t gonna happen. There are also lawsuits for both sides filed. Messy indeed.

My take is,  if that’s what RBG says we need to do, we say we get on it pronto. Turn this country’s leadership blue and we will have everything we want. More work to do ladies. Imagine that. Use your vote wisely.

Read the VOX story here. 


Donald Trump continues his power stomp and leads us closer to an autocracy. (or are we already there?) Spineless and blackmailed republican Senators continue to let him abuse power and people.  Democrats are fighting to change everything with the upcoming election. The question on everyone’s mind is who can beat him? Bernie? Bloomberg? Pete? Amy? Is Elizabeth still viable?

A socialist, a billionaire, a gay and 2 women walk into a bar……. I wish I knew the punchline.

The Washington Post reminds us that sexism is politics is real in this article. We must fight it. Even women.


Can you say airplane seat? The Twitterverse blew up at a video filmed on an American Airlines Flight. In case you were under a rock and missed it –  – – –

Man sitting behind a woman on an airplane asks her not to recline her seat.

She reclines anyway.

He hits her seat repeatedly in a bold display of bullying and assholeness.

No one comes to her aid and the flight attendant offers him a rum for his asshole trouble.

C’mon people. We need to speak up when we see these types of injustices. Do I believe he would have harassed a man? Not a chance. Here’s the video. What do you think?


AND a bonus submission, cause there’s plenty of the Patriarchy to go around. Look at this hot take by Noah who is clearly miserable with himself and has no lady in his life. At least not a happy one.


OK dude.

Now we’ll get back to malfunctioning and “destroying” (aka: rebuilding)  civilization!

That’s this week in Equality, Politics, and The Patriarchy.

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