We are all washing our hands more than normal. I’m tired of Happy Birthday and the snappy dances just aren’t for me.

May as well use this time for good. Affirmations are are proven way to strengthen your mind, mood, and character. What you tell yourself, you become. It’s the opposite of negative self-talk. Affirmations lower stress and improve your constitution. Here’s what I’ll be telling myself every time I wash my hands. This produces about a 30 second handwash.

Handwashing Affirmation

I can handle this.

I am ready, willing, and able to sacrifice to protect the world, my community, my family, and myself.

I am staying home.

I am finding joy even when it’s hard.

I am a source of comfort for my family and friends.

I am understanding and patient with other humans. Everyone is having a bad day. I am dedicated to being a bright spot to others.

I am helpful to the most vulnerable and those in need.

I am keeping our medical professionals in my heart and mind.

I am stronger than I even know.


If you say these words aloud every time you wash your hands, you will become them.  It’s the old fake it til you make it program and it works.

Post at every sink.

Please print and use this handwashing affirmation – Or share your own.

Stay safe out there. We can do this.

Pro-Tip – Look in your eyes as you say each one of these.

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Here’s some tips on protecting yourself in these troubled times. Source: World Health Organization. 

Image by: Pixabay user: Mylene2401.