In spite of everything, women have a powerful week.

The Nasties

Another Strong Woman called Nasty by Trump. Surprise, surprise. 

wear it as a badge of honor ladies!

Here’s a great take on our kick ass strong lady journalists these days. 

It’s abundantly clear, He’s the Nasty One


Governor Kate Brown ain’t Nasty. Snaps up to the Governor of Oregon for helping New York with ventilators. Takes a brave lady to ship ventilators out of the state right now.  Also takes a smart one. Think Cuomo will help her when the time comes? Damn straight. Power + Compassion is a winning combination. Thank you for your leadership Gov.Brown. 



Here’s a story about the very dark side of being shut-in with an abuser.

Let’s lift domestic abuse victims whenever possible. 

Good Ones

Here’s a hell of a profound observation….

Love this meme that finds a silver lining to the wage gap. 

Best of the Week
A silver lining to the wage gap!

Here’s a story about why feminism matters even more during the pandemic.



And this lady warrior, Dr. Leana Wen – was on TV fighting for us 2 days before giving birth! Former CEO/President of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Wen is a powerhouse of a woman. Congratulations on the addition to her family. 

The Days Ahead…….

On April 9th, sign into a webinar to learn how we can press ahead for equality during these difficult times. If you wonder if it’s important – Read the story about Why Feminism Still matters during the Pandemic. (Two stories up!)

Want a primer on the Equal Rights Amendment? Start here.


And thank you for to the medical professionals, teachers, first responders, grocery store workers, truck drivers, cleaning services, delivery people, and caretakers and all of those who are helping.

Be a helper. The world needs more helpers right now.