20 Oct 2021

Make Change

Make Change
The Best Way to Change What Pisses You Off


Honestly, we can change the world if we just open our minds, educate ourselves, and show up.

There are so many issues to be considered.

  • The Equal Rights Amendment
  • The Wage Gap
  • Rape Kits that are Never Processed
  • The Right for a Woman to Control Her own Body
  • Sexual Harassment and Assault
  • Affordable, Quality Childcare
  • Vastly Improved K-12 public schools.
  • The Student Loan Crisis
  • Healthcare
  • Common Sense Gun Control
  • Not Locking Up Babies at the Border and Separating them from their families
  • Racism on the Rise
  • Climate Change
  • LGBTQ Rights and Protections
  • The 1% getting Tax Cuts and the demise of the middle class
  • The way we do not support our brave Veterans.
  • Never-ending wars
  • Respect of the world.

This list is not all inclusive, how could it be? There is so much to be done.

All of these issues can be greatly improved by the proper governmental leadership.

Electing the right leaders is the quickest path to achieving a better society.

What to Do

Ensure You are Registered. Just click the box below.
Educate yourself about the issues, move past the sound bites and retweets. Lots of misinformation out there.
Vote every damn chance you get. Blue up and down the ticket is the fastest way for like minded Americans to turn the tide.
Get others involved. There are more of us than there are of them, but we have to show up. Tell your friends women don’t have constitutional equality. At first, they won’t believe you, lead the way, and have them vote for better leadership.

NOTE: Sometimes voting can be hard. Voter suppression is the work of people who don’t want you to vote. That means…make extra sure you do. As soon as we get the power back, we’ll figure out a way to make it easier. In the meantime, hunker down and get it done.

So double check that registration, get up early, stand in line, demand a provisional ballot, take your friends….do what needs to be done to make your voice heard.

Show Up and Change our Worlds

Everything you need to know to politically make a difference can be found here!